Mindful Beauty

By Jessica Ashley Merkley

The vegan lifestyle is one that has grown in popularity for a number of reasons. From achieving a healthy and balanced routine to actively refraining from harming innocent animals, there is a host of various reasons to jump on the vegan bandwagon. Now more than ever beauty products are being made to allow consumers to adhere more diligently to the vegan way of life, and such products are of great benefit to all.


For centuries, cosmetic and skincare brands have made use of dead animal by-products as a main ingredient- including dead insect extracts, uric acid of cows and beeswax. Yum! However, people are refusing more fervently to put such products on their faces and bodies. This has therefore opened up the beauty market to a vast range of vegan skincare brands and products.

Yet, in this currently-exploding corner of the beauty market, which of the multitudes of brands with products on offer are best in regards to effectiveness and price range? La Vie Chic has a few suggestions to help make the best decision for the sake of your skin, body and bank account.

Ecco Bella is one brand that stands out among the rest due to its quality products which ensure that beauty derived from its offered line is reached compassionately. From Ecco Bella’s anti-aging packs to its all natural misting toners, from the brand’s chemical-free and toxin-free cosmetic line to its rejuvenating and organic, all-natural hair care line, there is something for anyone who is seeking beauty in balance with a clear conscience.

When it comes to a stellar selection of vegan palettes, primers, blushes and brushes, Urban Decay has got you covered. Adding a pinch of shimmer and a stroke of liner never felt so moral due to the cruelty-free ingredients that go into making the hot line of dazzling shades this brand has to dole out. With shade names like Roach, S&M, Catfight, Deviant, Shakedown, and Quickie, edgy, youthful complexions can be maintained and wearers can remain guilt free. Between the options in their Good Karma vegan brushes and the array of shades of lip tints in the Revolution and Sheer Revolution lip lines, it’s no wonder that LVC gives Urban Decay the gold star. The brand earns bonus points for being animal lovers and offering products at a low price point for consumers to snap up. http://www.urbandecay.com

“Golden Days & Sultry Nights” are yours to enjoy while looking absolutely fab wearing the eco-friendly vegan line developed by Tarte Cosmetics. Aside from the prolific palette of colours included in the shadows given the aforementioned name, Amazonian clay mascaras, precision, long-wear liquid liners and a plethora of additional clay-based products (all with reasonable price tags attached) are available for your beautifying pleasure. http://www.tartecosmetics.com.

The vegan diet goes beyond food intake. Purge your cosmetics drawers of the products containing harmful substances and replace them with those derived directly from nature.

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