The Fashion of Feminism

For decades, the term “feminism” has always had a negative stigma attached to it. Women found their voices, and their cries for equality have been met with opposition and fear by many close-minded individuals. The image of intimidating females who were unconcerned with outer appearance and femininity was typically attributed to these fierce activists.

A new era, however, has begun. One that identifies feminism and the feminist movement as encompassing everything it is to be female. The movement is not about women attempting to be on par with men, but instead about using their own strengths to differentiate themselves from males while reminding why these strengths equal out the playing field and in many ways raise the bar. Feminism is finally in fashion and women are no longer wary of tiptoeing around the term. Instead they are unifying and shouting aloud that they are feminist and proud. Along with this unification has come a trend to identify feminist- wear. From power pantsuits to stiletto-paired body con dresses, the style of feminists around the globe is all-encompassing and inspires women to express their femininity while reminding that equality is deserving.

To be femme and feminist is no longer a contradiction and that is certainly something to be celebrated. Women proudly profess their feminist stance from all walks of life and their attire is just as diverse as their strengths. That being noted, feminist fashion spans every runway and every form of garment to complement the diversity of the women who have unified for a common goal. and the diversity of talents that accompany their plight. Believe, achieve and stay fabulous, loves,

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Jessica Ashley Dafoe

[Featured Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty]

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