Couture Of Coachella

Coachella brings music -lovers from all around the globe and in recent years, the music festival has become the crossroads for fashion enthusiasts to don threads which resemble a modern take on boho-infused fashion.

La Vie Chic has glimpsed the fashions of the past two weekends and brings you some of the most original and mention-worthy ensembles of the popular event.

Desert bound 🌡 @lordandtaylor #LTfestival #ad

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A mix of flowing fabrics and vibrant hues against more neutral tones, fitted trousers, wide-brimmed hats and basic wear for enjoying some incredible tunes in comfort and style, Coachella 2017 matches heat with heat in the form of original fashion.

Make the world your own runway, loves! Be sure to check out our Spring 2017 issue of La Vie Chic.


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