Caitlin Wilson Design: Create A Space You Love

By Jessica Ashley Merkley

Creating a space that is unique and reflects individual style can be challenging, especially when there are one or more individuals residing in a particular household. However, with the help of Caitlin Wilson Design, the options are endless and achieving chic, originality that will make homeowners proud is not an impossibility, but instead a certainty.


Caitlin Wilson is the San Franciscan queen of chic accents and impeccable design aesthetic. There is a reason she has become not only a go-to guru who is sought for design advice and execution within various spaces, but has also experienced such success as a purveyor of accent pieces, furniture and all things beautiful to make your house an undeniably chic abode.


Caitlin, though raised in San Fran, has found inspiration for her work due to the incredible travels she has experienced. Wilson shares about the inspiration she derived from such adventures. “When my husband’s job took us overseas for two years, my business continued to grow as I experienced life in London, Dubai, and Hong Kong. I was richly inspired by our travels; the classic patterns of the Middle East and Asia began to fill my head with ideas of textile design. ”


The talent then began to fill a void that existed in the textile market by creating her very own and began to build her empire. Caitlin Wilson Design was founded in 2007 and has become renowned across North America. Caitlin has the everyday busy family in mind when creating her designs and makes chic , affordable designs her end goal.

“All my patterns can be juxtaposed for a bold, edgy look- I want you to have fun with the process! My goal is for these textiles to bring your homes to life in an easy, affordable, and beautiful way. ”

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Wilson’s collections are made as a means to assist busy moms like herself to have the best options at their fingertips and to be able to create that livable and inviting spaces without the worries of cost and durability.


“Designing exquisite spaces for my clients is my passion and raising my three children, Olivia, Penn and Chloe, is my greatest joy. My role as a mother has influenced my desire to create beautiful yet livable spaces where families can enjoy & cherish their time at home. ”

LVC Caitlin Wilson D

For more about Caitlin’s latest collections and for ideas as to how to make your home a luxe retreat, visit Check out this feature along with an array of additional fab content in LVC’s Spring 2017 issue, loves.

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