Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017 Roundup

By Lisa Porter

C’est la vie

The last fashion week of the big four in the industry has wrapped up and it did not disappoint. Paris Fashion Week brought bright colors and decorative accessories, and endless possibilities for your winter wardrobe. Classic silhouettes, gold and silver ensembles, the black, the white, the colorful,  and the eye popping details, all of it was in attendance this week with each design portraying what it means to remain stylish and lively during the dead of winter.

Louis Vuitton

Embed from Getty Images

There was no shortage of dazzling pieces for this F/W collection.  From fur to leather to chains to pleated skirts to layers upon layers, there was a little bit of everything for the aspiring fashion icons of today.   The first few pieces had a mix of black and brown fur in short and long coats with every model wearing a leather belt around their mid-section.  A piece that made a reoccurring appearance was the above- the- knee pleated skirt usually paired with a baggy sweater or tight jacket tucked into it with knee high socks.   And it wouldn’t be a Louis Vuitton show without the fabulous purses.  There were purses that resembled  tool boxes, lunch boxes, clutches and shoulder bags. Also present on some pieces were decorative chains hanging either from side pockets on a pair of trousers or a breast pocket on a shirt. Fur shawls and capes  made an appearance in this collection along with some gleaming trousers and dresses thrown in the mix. Last but not least were the loose satin dresses that resembled night -wear in their materials and shapes, reminding that the underwear as outer-wear trend has not left us yet.



Embed from Getty Images

All that glittered was gold in this collection and the shimmer unified the ensembles, as did the fringe, chunky jewelry and the studded accessories.   There was an abundance of dazzling details and each design also had its own unique flair.  Fringe was very popular showing up on skirts, cardigans and coats. Chunky chokers were paired with longer gold necklaces  while layering showed up with fringed cardigans, tucked in T-shirts with short skirts and suede leggings.   Wide belts donned pieces while studded purses were another important accessory . The gold and silver metallic pieces were the big eye catchers however.  There were metallic  fitted dresses and sizable metallic coats.  Between the funky cut outs and  slits and all of the described details, including  studded adorned pieces, there was no shortage of standout beauty.

Elie Saab

It was a royal affair during this collection reveal as the color of royalty was showcased beautifully.  Elie Saab wowed us all in many ways particularly with the use of lace. From sleeves, tops, skirts and dresses the beautiful purple lace paired perfectly with each ensemble. There were lace dresses with sparkly tights paired with intricate studded leather jackets. Studs also showed up in purses and on pockets of pants.  The beautiful combination of lace and velvet came together nicely  with  lace dresses that had velvet flowers and velvet dresses that had lace flowers, all in black and purple.  A mixture of blue and purple fur jackets and classy chokers kept each look fresh and new while the classic long black coat with the fur kept them timeless.

They say they save the best for last and this couldn’t be more true for this week.   It was another whirlwind of desire and art that inspires the fashionistas in all of us to step outside our comfort zone and dress to impress.  Don’t forget, the world is your runway so don’t be afraid to show your fabulous self off.

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