Milan Fashion Week Roundup Fall Winter 2017

By Lisa Porter

Once again, the world was not disappointed with the beauty that is Milan Fashion Week. There is a reason it is the place where major international  fashion brands are born. The intricate details, beautiful silhouettes and bedazzled accessories are just some of the excellence that Milan Fashion Week bestowed upon us at the most recent reveals for the upcoming fall and winter seasons. Every designer unveiled extraordinary and exquisite ensembles while also proving that you don’t always have to be wearing less to look your best.


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The runway was a busy scene with Gucci’s collection. From the very first outfit to the very last, every piece was vibrant with colors, lines, shapes and patterns. On decorative shoes, hats, and even some staffs,  the jeweled bling was in full attendance.   Embellished umbrellas and hats added to the already mesmerizing ensembles.   This is a perfect example of why fashion week is the place to showcase the unique, the daring, the different. Gucci achieves all and gains LVC’s  praise for such remarkable flare in their fashions for the upcoming season.

Max Mara  

Embed from Getty Images

Max Mara revealed a very earthy collection with the main color scheme including shades of brown.   Long winter brown coats tied in perfectly with  the golden/brown of fall hues.  There were velvet pants, skirts and blazers in some sections while other models strutted their stuff in wool one-piece suits,pants or shirts.  The turtlenecks under many of the worn jackets in darker hues, paired with scarves, turned this collection into sophisticated chic, celebrating the independent working woman, reminding that such females can be equally as fashionable and classy.

Dolce and Gabbana 

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This powerhouse in the world of fashion made quite the impression.  Beautiful unique displays of crazy/fun patterns as is the custom of Dolce & Gabbana graced the runway. There was a leopard print segment with silk leopard print suits, pants and puffy winter white coats with leopard covering the body of the jacket.    There was  heavy metallic decorations on some shirts, pants and dresses. Black silk ruffled skirts with white blouses tucked in with black around the collar  or down the front enticed, while big hats, peacock- pattern -style skirts as well as snake skin suits and florals dominating  dresses, pants, suits, and skirt added additional flare.   The different assortment of crowns resting on the model’s heads gave each their own unique royal appeal that unified the ensembles.

There you have it, it’s a wrap on a fantastic week of fashion in one of the most fashionable and historic cities.  If you thought it couldn’t get better, this fashion week proved you wrong.  Don’t forget to make the world your own runway and to check back for our roundup of Paris Fashion Week!



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