Love vs. Lust: Learn the Signs With Help From the Experts

By Nicole Scott and Natasha Saunders of The Love Listeners Inc.

LOVE : An intense feeling of deep affection. Love is beyond attraction, beyond sex, it’s a deep-rooted emotion for another person. This is why the feeling of falling in love is a life altering experience. Love has many deep levels and layers ranging from beautiful euphoria to painful despair and every emotion in between.



LUST : Very strong and intense sexual desire. Lust is a strong sexual desire. It’s an urge that makes you feel like you need it, making you yearn for that feeling over and over again. Some people even fall in love with the feeling of lust. So the question is, what is the difference between Love and Lust? Is one better than the other? And how can you tell what you are experiencing? Here are a few examples of Love vs Lust: If the idea of cuddling and good conversation trumps your desire to have sex, this is a good indication that you are experiencing Love and not Lust. When you want to be a better person for someone else, this indicates you’re in love. When you do things for your partner without expectations, you’re in love. When you crave ONLY sexual intimacy with a person you are likely experiencing Lust. 



Lust often times turns into obsession, and self-indulgence. Lust is typically selfish and based solely on one thing and one thing only. Love comes with many levels of emotion and Lust comes with one strong desire. It is often easy for people to mistake Lust with Love as both feelings can give you the same intensity and passion.


However, be aware that one of these feelings is more fleeting than the other. Lust doesn’t usually last long, and it can blind you from truths such as compatibility and suitability which need to be present in a loving relationship. So bottom line is this, if your partner is coming over to watch “Netflix and Chill” and he/she actually wants to watch Netflix and chill then you might be in a loving relationship . If Netflix and chill means every time he/she comes over and 10 mins into the movie you’re having sex, you’re likely in a relationship of convenience and Lust.



Read the signs and decide whether a relationship of Love or Lust is what you’re striving for.


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