Galia Lahav Fashion House: Art In Fashion Form

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

It has often been said that fashion is a form of art and that clothing is art that we live our lives in. Designs by notable haute couture designer Galia Lahav of the Galia Lahav fashion house, prove this statement to be absolute truth due to the sheer pleasure each intricately-made piece brings to the eye. The care with which each piece is crafted and the wonderful unique appeal within each individual piece reflect an aesthetic and beauty that deserves to be showcased like a piece of art in La Louvre. Complementary and sexy shapes and luxurious material allow each wearer of Galia’s evening and bridal wear to stun and take the breath away of those in presence of such remarkable designs. LVC had the absolute pleasure of learning more about the designer behind the wonderful haute couture fashion house to bring an appreciation to our readers of the love and care that goes into each design.


LVC: Clearly, now a true frontrunner in the world of haute couture bridal and evening wear, tell a little about your road to getting the Galia Lahav line to this point and about what it is that sets you apart from the multitudes of designers of bridal and evening fashions?

Galia Lahav: I have always been an art enthusiast and I actually taught art for 15 years in elementary schools. Only In my 30’s I started designing couture bridal, which is art itself, and evening gowns, at my home studio. From a young age I had a strong passion for couture because my mother taught me how to sew and I learned to observe every inch of every detail. I’d love to think that our brand’s style is original and innovative. For us, it starts from the design and follows with the quality of fabric, handwork and the finished product. We pay lots of attention in body contouring and very fitted silhouettes that we achieve due to this use of special blends made for us, which allows us to provide both beauty and comfort. Also, we’re very committed both to the client and worldwide fashion trends, so the product, eventually, is a blend of unusual and a sometimes very unique point of view.

LVC: How do you ensure to consistently appeal to such a wide-range of women like you do?

Galia Lahav: It’s just that the common thread of our designs is geared towards character, to a wide range of the “fashion forward” lovers. In the end, statistically, women have more in common and they know it, so do I.


LVC: What do you use as a point of inspiration when designing and fabricating your collections?

Galia Lahav: Everything, from great art, music (especially classic), books, our next-door neighbours, humanity and sexuality. All that being said, it’s also crucial to understand the market and the upcoming trends, in and out of the “industry”, and we always look up to our brides to figure out the dynamic shifts in their dreams. [Designs reflect this].

LVC: What has been the biggest challenge you have faced in achieving the success you have over the years?

Galia Lahav: The biggest challenge (aside from huge budgets and initial investments every young brand needs to boost himself today) is being consistent, sticking with your values, beliefs and yet becoming innovative and welcome the change.

Sometimes It sounds like a “magic” term or a cheap cliche, but the facts are that there isn’t any magic or glam to it; If you invest in it every day, appreciate what you’ve earned, and still love what you do, you face difficulties better along the way. The bridal industry, as well as the fashion industry at large, has been and will always be a dynamic and ebullient fascinating industry. You need to own it by knowing who you are and never laying back.


LVC: What all goes into the design and fabrication of one intricate bridal gown?

Galia Lahav: Every dress is a combination of a few layers, which is an art by itself. All fabrics used are exclusively made for us, and we invest 20% of our time in research and looking for new innovative fabrics and technology processes that can give more aspects to the design. So, beyond thorough field work such as research and communication with the Pantone company and understanding future possible trends of tones, colours and fabrics… the creative process begins; We prepare a mood board and Sharon, our home designer, starts working on several sketches. From those sketches we select some and begin to cut, fit and see if the figure is flattering and sexy according to our guidelines.

Once everything is in place, we sew and measure again. One of the most important things for us is how the garment fits the body, without a doubt , and that is our most acknowledged value. In the final stage, we decorate the gowns with Swarovski, pearls and custom lace appliques, It’s like a drawing, which adds richness and has given our gowns their signature detailed appearance we love so much.


That signature allure has certainly drawn in the masses to hail Galia Lahav haute couture fashion house as a leader in bridal and evening wear. For more about Galia Lahav and to find out about upcoming North American trunk shows, visit .

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