A La Mode: Instagram Design Inspiration Part VII, Bring The Vacation Home

The cooler temps have arrived, and the chill in the air likely has many of you considering taking off on a getaway to a warmer climate. Often decor in the fall and winter months tends to be focused on the autumnal and darker hues, to warm up and give richness to a space on those frigid days. Pumpkin hues along with deep blues and reds are on trend for the fall months, yet it is always encouraged to step outside the box and design your space to suit your state of mind.

If jetting off to St. Thomas is not a possibility, why not bring the brightness of beach life right to your own living space, by simply adding a few key accent pieces. On this A La Mode Monday, LVC turns to Instagram to inspire your redesign that will result in your own oasis in the comfort of home.

Pretty Palms


Bright Accents in White And Teal

Working on this beautiful house today

A post shared by Julie Barrett Design (@juliebarrettdesign) on


Fun Hardware


Warm Wood and Bamboo Touches


Fun and Bright Throw Pillows


Beautiful Beachy Artwork


Bring the beach to you and make the vacation ongoing within your own abode. With a few key details you are sure to feel at least somewhat nearer to that beach getaway and more able to endure the chilly months while in island mode. Happy decorating, lovelies!

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe


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