Katrina Turnbull: Chic Sophistication Direct From The Capital

Fall never looked so fabulous! Ottawa’s very own fashion expert, the ever-stylish and perfectly poised Ms. Katrina Turnbull is turning heads, not only due to her own gorgeous ensembles and words of advice for all of those looking to up their fashion game, but with her brand new television show straight out of the nation’s capital, which highlights Ottawa’s most stylish citizens, Capital Style Files.

The program, which takes you to upscale events, where style influencers and industry leaders can be found gracing the red carpet, airs on Bell Fibe, TV1 and reveals to all  how Ottawa can be described as more than just the political city it is commonly known as.

Katrina is also not shy about sifting through the closets  of some very impressive guests with equally impressive style senses and the wardrobes to match. Such guests thus far include fashion editor, Alexandra Gunn, creative event planner, Tami Varma, and top fashion blogger, Dominique Baker.



La Vie Chic had the absolute pleasure of attending a wonderful media screening for the launch of this fantastic new show where New Amsterdam Vodka quenched guests’ thirst and Dish Bites offered some delectable treats.  The event also allowed time to connect with Katrina about her inspiration and process that allowed her to bring this sure-to-be-successful program to fruition. Katrina relayed how the perception of Ottawa is often one that is more politically-centered and in regard to style, there is an outside view that it is lacking and that the metropolis is less-than-chic.

“Most people in Ottawa will admit that we have a reputation for being a frumpy town in terms of fashion. In fact, in 2011, Ottawa was voted one of the worst-dressed city’s in the world according to MSN Travel. Apparently, we were worst dressed than the Jersey Shore. Yikes.”

Katrina saw a need to demonstrate to individuals that Ottawa can deliver in the style department on the regular.

“I wanted to create a television series that showcased how Ottawa is a city full of stylish and creative individuals. We have an appetite for interesting and modern fashion, which major retailers are now identifying as a viable market. The show has given a platform to local designers, boutiques, and the people working to make Ottawa a fashion capital. We also got a Nordstrom over a year before Toronto did — that’s saying something.”



It is clear that Ms. Turnbull is certainly a representation of the exquisite style that actually exists in Ottawa. She has a wardrobe that is cultivated specifically to suit her lifestyle and taste. The beauty was sure to share about what the term style means to her and how she achieves it in her day-to-day.

“Style is the result of a lifetime of experiences. It’s not something you can cultivate in one shopping trip. There are some seasons when I don’t find any clothing that fits my sense of style, and that’s okay. The end goal for me is to build a capsule wardrobe of really special pieces that will last a lifetime. Ask yourself the next time you’re shopping, ‘is this piece of clothing absolutely amazing?’ If not, put it down. And say it with me: No. More. Cotton. Basics.”


Those are certainly words to live by, and Katrina does so while maintaining an impeccable sense of style, hosting Capital Style Files, creating and maintain the role as chief editor of her own blog for busy moms, Oui C’est Chic, and giving her all on the daily as a busy mom. Clearly one to ask about maintaining organization and a professional appearance when wearing so many hats in a given day, Katrina shared some advice about how she manages to achieve this, but also notes the challenges, and reminds that imperfection is okay.

“Time is my biggest enemy. That is why I created a website that provides quick fashion, beauty and lifestyle solutions for busy style-conscious moms. Being a mom of two-year-old and almost one-year-old boys, my life is extremely hectic, especially between the hours of 4:00 and 7:00 p.m. I try to get all my work done before daycare pick-up and put the cell phone down when I’m with them. But I’m not perfect. Sometimes work commitments get put off because I wanted to take my boys to the park and sometimes I’m not there to put my little guys to bed. It’s all okay. Busy career women and moms need to stop beating themselves up and redefine what it means to be ‘successful.’ If my kids and I are alive at the end of the day, I’ve succeeded.”


If Katrina doesn’t look impressive enough, this Renaissance woman has also been voted as one of Ottawa’s top 25 most influential people in 2016 by Ottawa Life.  It’s not difficult to see why, either. The entrepreneur is not only a skilled writer and an experienced contributor who has worked on social media campaigns for Nordstrom,  L’Oreal and the Hudson’s Bay Company, she is also a tech expert who understands the world of digital media. Katrina was keen to share her advice for anyone looking to delve into this industry.

“It is now more accessible than ever to get media coverage and exposure. You need to treat your online identity as your portfolio for potential employers and the media. Create a blog. Update your LinkedIn profile with your latest articles. Curate your Instagram feed to give it a cohesive look that represents the work you want to do. Having your social media accounts polished and up-to-date will make it easier for those looking to connect with you to understand your personality, style, and skills.”

With such a motivation for entrepreneurial endeavors and the know-how to make it work, there is no question that Capital Style Files is a program that has a long-lasting future.  With full rights to the program, the host is looking to continue on with a second season and to hone her skills as a television host for future projects.  Stylish, smart, and sophisticated are only a few descriptors that can begin to sum up this remarkable talent who is a wonderful inspiration in many regards.  The definition of chic in television host form, be sure to catch Katrina on Capital Style Files by heading to Fibe, and for any of you mommies out there check out her website, Oui C’est Chic.

Remember to make the world your own stylish runway, lovelies!

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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