The Love Listeners: The Real Deal In The Art Of Matchmaking And Love

The road to finding true love and maintaining a solid and loving relationship is one that is tough to navigate and often comes with a multitude of bumps along the way- bumps that can steer partners in the best direction, or completely throw them off course leaving the former couple to navigate on two diverging paths. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that there was assistance to not only find a compatible other half, but to also steer you in the best direction during these challenges and trials in relationship?


Well, it’s your lucky day, La Vie Chic readers!  At LVC we are all about encouraging women to be their best selves in all ways. Yes, as women we are capable to achieve many things independently, but often we feel more whole and complete with a partner in life and having expert advice to help in this facet of life is certainly welcome.


The Love Listeners are at the ready to be the support and help you need, for those truly wanting to find and lovingly maintain a solid relationship. This group of lovely, talented and beautiful women includes Nicole, Kai and Natasha, and each member of this trio comes with years of experience in the art of matchmaking and expert abilities in the area of love.

Meet The Love Listeners

Nicole is a newlywed and a new mom and has been in the matchmaking industry for over 17 years. She has helped thousands of singles and couples understand what is standing in the way of achieving a relationship and how to maintain the one they are currently in. She is excellent at helping clients see the other side of any situation, and has an incredibly intuitive nature with an honest and friendly approach. Nicole’s clients are inspired when speaking with her and feel that her advice continues to change their lives for the better.

Kai has been in a common-law relationship for over 5 years and has a background in dating and relationship consulting and matchmaking, as well as fashion. She is excellent at empathizing and has a positive yet calming personality with a patient and comforting approach. She specializes in helping male clients better understand women, build communication and conflict resolution skills as well as image consulting. Kai’s clients think of her as their relationship personal trainer and consider her an important ally.

Natasha is the incredibly talented lead matchmaker and is happily married with 2 beautiful daughters. She has been a matchmaker and relationship consultant for over 20 years and has facilitated many happy couples and marriages. Natasha is excellent at putting things into perspective and has a warm and nurturing energy with a tell-it-like-it-is approach. Natasha’s clients have a strong trust and respect for her and would say she truly is their professional best friend.


Although there are a slew of organizations wearing the matchmaking badge and claiming to be skilled in finding your perfect partner, The Love Listeners can truly be set apart from these, and set above the rest.  Natasha spoke about the missing link in the matchmaking business which the Love Listeners connect.

“We are different… because we saw a long time ago there was a missing link to people’s success and it is best to work through those issues before and while you are searching for love and to also be there through the relationship process and not just the initial get a nice profile pic and look good on your 1st date. It’s much deeper than that. Everyone deserves to know the role they play and to have a professional support them until they find love and beyond that, as we all know that being in a relationship is not always a walk in the park either.”

Additionally, Nicole reminded that she, Kai and Natasha are about assisting clients in love by working from the inside out.

“The Love Listeners differ from any other matchmaking service out there because of  our ability to invoke change from the inside out. Part of our job as Love Listeners is to help our clients better understand what’s standing in the way of what they perceive as a successful relationship. Our job is to help our clients manage their exceptions and offer another perspective when needed. We are here to support all of our clients and leave them feeling heard, understood and not judged.”


It is not surprising that often times clients needs are common, seeing as the issues that arise in relationships can often be related to by other couples. The ladies, therefore, admit that there are certain pieces of advice they find they remind clients of repeatedly. Kai shared with LVC about pertinent words of wisdom she often gives clients who are struggling to find and maintain relationship.

“The most common advice I give to my clients is to remember that men and woman think (and feel) very differently. Just because someone is not responding the way that you would in the same situation does not mean that they do not care. Never assume or judge based on your own way of doing things. Not only do men and woman have entirely different ways of thinking and expressing their feelings, every person is unique and handles things based on personal experiences. That is why communication is the most important skill in finding and maintaining a long-lasting, happy relationship.”


The ladies of The Love Listeners, as noted, are not simply surface support. Matchmaking is their craft and their art. The skill to bring two people together and truly understand from an outsider’s perspective what is at the root of an issue, requires the foresight and understanding of love and relationship that goes deeper than compatibility.  Nicole speaks about the magic that “emerges” when two people connect, and presents the reasons why the role the ladies play is truly an art form.

“The reason we deem matchmaking and love tutoring an art, is because there is a certain element of magic that emerges when two souls connect that no one can understand outside of the two people involved.”

While working their magic on clients, all three admit that they have faced challenges in assisting clientele, but that these scenarios come with the territory of their art. Kai shared openly about a client she recently assisted and helped to see where he was going wrong, and how to make a change to attract the right person.

I recently had a client that was putting all of his efforts into pursuing literally any woman that he saw. He felt that he was ready to settle down, and could not understand why all his tactics were not working. He was feeling exhausted and angry that every woman he approached was not interested. He was left feeling rejected. I helped him realize that there is such a thing as putting ‘too much’ effort into impressing someone that you do not yet know, as well as the importance of focusing on one person at a time. He had been pushing too hard for something serious that it ended up giving the impression that he was desperate. He now understands that women need to feel special and that going one person to another is something people notice and therefore will not take you seriously. I had many one on one sessions in which I helped him to understand that it is important to focus on what he is looking for and understand his own value. He is now in a happy and committed relationship with a wonderful woman. I am so proud of him.


There are many matchmaking services at which the “matchmakers” who deem themselves experts on love and dating, are not able to successfully maintain their own healthy relationships. It is certainly refreshing that all three women at The Love Listeners have not only been through relationship trials, but are also in stable and committed unions. Natasha spoke candidly with LVC about her own journey and why being in a committed relationship as a matchmaker  and expert on relationships, is imperative to gaining the trust of clients.

“Without having my own relationship journey it would make things a little more difficult for me to have insight on how difficult it is to make a relationship last. Yes I’m in the relationship business and see countless couples try and make a go of things but It’s like getting advice from a teacher who is not a mother. Yes they deal with kids all day however a mother’s investment in their own child is completely different than a teacher’s.

I have known my husband for 25 years and we have both changed many times in the course of our relationship We even walked away from our marriage and no longer having him in my life made me so sad and empty and not happy.  Luckily we both felt the same and worked very hard at putting our relationship back together. And we are in a happy place and strive each day to make each other happy and to be fair to each other’s needs”

Due to The Love Listeners’ ability to fill a void in the matchmaking industry, these talents are set for success. Not only are Natasha, Kai and Nicole always ready to chat via telephone or in person about their clients’ struggles or needs, the trio also has a television program on Rogers that allows them to respond to viewers’ questions and concerns on the matter of love and relationship.

Nicole shares about what else the future holds for their established business.

I see The Love Listeners opening call centres all over the world in every language. It has always been our goal to help everyone that needs us. We see how we are able to change people’s lives for the better and it is the most rewarding feeling in the world!

Along those same lines, Kai emphasizes that their initiative is all about assisting as many people as they can and by doing so intends “to be the number one dating support service for both men and women of the world.”

Kai also goes on to remind that love life is a facet of personal development and deserves as much attention as any other portion of life, especially if success is the end goal.

Yes, we love matchmaking and are dedicated to finding our clients someone wonderful, but what we see as unique within our service is our focus on personal development and well-being. Just like anything in life that you are serious about, having an expert in that field will only increase your chances of success. Like Natasha always mentions, when you go the gym with a friend it may be fun but they cannot push or train you in a way an expert personal trainer can. It’s the same with respect to love. Your friends may have input and enjoy hearing your stories, but that does not equate success, and most often will not

I recently had the complete honour of speaking to these wonderful women as a group and can honestly state that they are the real deal. I felt at total ease in their company and was ready to divulge my own experience in love and heartbreak. I walked away from that meeting with clarity and a full understanding that at any point I could give any one of them a call to chat about more issues of the heart, if I needed. Luckily, for all of you La Vie Chic readers, The Love Listeners will be regularly sharing responses to any of your relationship queries, and these will anonymously be posted here on LVC. Send your questions concerning love to the LVC contact page, and don’t forget to check out The Love Listeners.


Not only are these ladies wonderful individually, but they truly admire and appreciate one another. Natasha spoke about her colleagues and friends in a heartwarming manner, while reminding of her own traits that make her a star matchmaker as well.

“Myself I’m definitely the ‘tell it like it is’ type of personality. I’m very inquisitive and ask a lot of questions. I’m 100% interested in knowing everything about you and how your past has led you to this point in life.

Kai is a sweetheart and loves love She is compassionate sweet and kind and really knows how to listen and gives her clients security and understanding.

Nicole is a beautiful insightful person and has this uncanny way to read someone like a psychic power. Her clients have such respect for her. She is confident and people trust her instantly.”

With descriptors like those, it’s clear that The Love Listeners are a solid team with characteristics that indicate they can be trusted and turned to for matters of the heart and more. Stay chic from the inside out, with The Love Listeners

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

All Photography Reserved By LVC

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