A La Mode: Instagram Design Inspiration Part V, Learn From The Experts

It is always an exciting experience to redecorate or renovate a space, yet  this adventure can pose some frustrating challenges and require quick decisions to be made without truly knowing what the end result may be. A design board or sketches from a designer, or a layout of a model you are attempting to follow, may not mean that your own space will end up just so.  Find out advice and inspiration from the best in the design industry and how to best make the right choice to suit your own space and taste. Sensibility, creativity and a little imagination can assist you in making your house your own home.


To Wallpaper or Not to Wallpaper?

Nate Berkus is an interior design guru who spoke on this subject, sharing when to go with it and when to nix it.

” It really depends on the investment you want to make. Wallpaper is more expensive. I prefer to use wallpaper in smaller rooms, like a foyer or guest bath. Or pick something really spectacular in the dining room and paint the surrounding walls.”

Buffalo News



Designing In Tune With The Elements

Pool rather delicious this afternoon in Toscana

A post shared by Debbie Travis (@debbie_travis) on

Designer and columnist Debbie Travis knows how to bring the five natural elements into your space to suit the vibe you wish to define it. Often we prefer there be one room in our home that is tranquil, yet inviting. In Travis’ words, this type of room is considered of the water element. The design genius shares how to achieve this tranquil retreat in your home.

“Water Rooms share an atmosphere of tranquility and repose that is produced by the lightest of tones, soft taupes, off-whites and pale blues and greens. Water rooms have a natural flow, the smooth sheen of lustrous fabric, draperies that puddle on the floor, furnishings with sculptured forms and languid curves, such as Charles Eames’s bent plywood chairs. Water moves effortlessly. Mimic this flow by choosing furniture that is light weight, and easy to move. Water refreshes and purifies. Wolf notes that the therapeutic presence of water “washes away the cares of the day.” This element is suited to bathrooms, but also mixes with the other elements at an entranceway or a bedroom.”

Times Colonist

The most wonderful 10 year old balsamic vinegar. Delicious

A post shared by Debbie Travis (@debbie_travis) on



A Colourful Muse

A heaping of hues.

A post shared by Jonathan Adler (@jonathanadler) on

Jonathan Adler has found success as one of the world’s most notable potters, furniture designers and interior decorators due to his ability to let his imagination run wild and to allow those around him inspire his aesthetic. The talent recently spoke of an individual who seemed to always get colours and coordination just right, and who he now looks to as inspiration for his creations.

He remembers spending time as a child with his grandmother, who was “fabulously chic”. A Polish immigrant who came to the United States during the first half of the 20th century, she had “an innate sense of style – she’d travel and so she’d have Danish pottery, Mexican tapestries. Her sense of colour was exceptional,” the designer describes. “She’d have the absolute right Danish blue, and the exact right tone of coral – and coral is a little sprite that’s impossible to catch. Being in her house always energised me, and it definitely stoked my creative side. I’m still trying to recreate some of those memories. My goal is to make stuff that will fire the imagination.”

Luxury London

Ruff day no more!

A post shared by Jonathan Adler (@jonathanadler) on

Be inspired by the world around you and be creative in your selections for your own interiors. Don’t be afraid to create a space that best reflects your own personal tastes.  Happy A La Mode Monday! Find your muse.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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