Olivia Palermo: Iconic In Choice Fashion With The Attitude To Match

Olivia Palermo has completely redeemed herself in the eyes of fashion lovers and additionally to lovers of the reality TV show from years gone by, The City, a step-sister spin off to the uber popular The Hills.Β  At that point the socialite was relatively unknown to the masses and sprung onto the scene via network television as a sometimes haughty and dismissive beauty working for Elle, who simply did things her way, whether Joe Zee insisted upon his own way or not. Since this point, Palermo has continued to remind us why she felt her way was best in the world of Elle magazine and fashion in general-because she quite simply has impeccable taste and looks immaculate, classic, chic and altogether effortless in her choice fashion on the daily.

Since La Vie Chic spotted Olivia at New York Fashion Week this past weekend, looking perfect and pristine, with her usual allure, sitting front row for Prabal Gurung’s incredible Spring/Summer runway show, we’re reminded of all this goddess of style offers those with a love for fashion and those attempting to make a statement- coverage is not boring or dull; we do not have to put all our assets out there for the world to see on the regular to stand out and look sexy; most importantly, layering, experimenting with prints, colours and accessories while being uniquely you, are the makings of someone who can consistently, both literally and figuratively, put their best foot forward. Thank you Olivia for your inspiration!

There is a reason Palermo has been offered the role as brand ambassador for Banana Republic and also has a gorgeous fall line out that is doing remarkably well at Nordstrom- she simply knows fashion and what works. For those who are not familiar with the fashion icon’s history of chic ensembles, check out her Instagram! Β But for now, take a gander at these selections by LVC.



Let the world be your runway and don’t forget to check back for our LVC roundup of New York Fashion Week!

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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