New York Fashion Week S/S 2017: Prabal Gurung

It’a all about fashion this week on La Vie Chic following our sensational journey to the best city in the world for New York Fashion Week. Get ready for a week filled with the unveiling of  LVC’s top picks for most memorable collections from the experience which saw some of the most gorgeous and creative pieces head down the runway.

Prabal Gurung,  a Singapore-born Nepali American fashion designer based in New York City, sent such a gorgeous and luxurious collection out on to the lengthy catwalk that the first words following the show between myself and my colleague were “I would wear every single piece!” Likely, the words any designer would love to hear, Prabal Gurung can rest assured that his work for the season did not go unrecognized. With the likes of Ashley Graham and fashion goddess Olivia Palermo sitting kitty-corner from our crew, it’s clear that Gurung has won the respect of A-listers and fashionistas around the globe. Take a peek at the candid photos to get a glimpse as to why.


Fabricated of only the most luxurious materials, such as cashmere, sateen, porcelain cottons as well as porcelain and alabastar silks, and embossed leathers,  Gurung did not spare on the details and craftsmanship of his line which, in every piece, allows to be worn in an array of situations, including luxe relaxation, an evening on the town, or touching down ready for vacation at your choice destination. Watch the action from Sunday evening’s show, held at Clarkson Skylight in New York City.


Learn more about Prabal Gurung’s latest collections at and remember to stay tuned for more about the past week’s events. Make the world your own runway, lovelies!

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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