NYFW Designer Dish

The week has arrived when the world’s top North American designers showcase the results of their most recent tireless efforts in the form of their likely striking and appealing collections for Spring/Summer 2017 on the runway for New York Fashion Week. There is no shortage of talent behind the sure-to-be notable creations that will soon be in the spotlight for all to behold. La Vie Chic has selected a few designers whose pieces are swoon-worthy on the regular and will likely capture your attention in this upcoming week.


“The name Beaufille translated to ‘handsome girl’ and symbolizes the contrast between masculine and feminine elements; the combination of hard and soft. Beaufille is a women’s ready-to-wear and accessories brand. [The designers] combine backgrounds in Textile and Fashion design as well as Jewelry and Metalsmithing to create a line of luxury artisanal womenswear and jewelry.”




Andrea Jiapei Li.


“Andrea’s work focuses on unique silhouettes and creative fabric techniques. Her designs are modern and sporty without sacrificing elegance and femininity. Andrea believes that the role of a fashion designer is not just to design clothes, but also to tell the stories behind the design and convey emotions. Her creative process typically evolves around a theme – it tends to be free-flowing and timeless, hence not constrained by limitations such as current trends.”




“AREA. The main reason why she started it was to create new forms of art and to set her artistic vision free through clothes. She gets the inspiration for her work from art and music wich influence her creations by intense, revolitionary and transgressive visionaries. Her creations are inspired by art and music visionaries, that’s why her collections are so intense, revolutionary and, as it happens, transgressive.”


Sandy Liang

I think I had this energy right after graduating, that I knew I was never going to feel again, especially not after working for someone else. I was scared that I might get tired or I might just get cynical about things. I think it was great that I had no idea what I was doing, just because you can’t really be scared if you don’t know what you are scared of!” As stated by Liang when chatting withThe Coveteur.



The runway awaits the newest creations by these masters of design and we at LVC cannot wait to bring you the looks, so keep an eye out for more at week’s end! Let the world be a runway of your very own.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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