Blues And Stripes And Throws, Oh My: Accents To Transition From Summer To Fall

Fall is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean we want to rush the end of summer. Blending beautiful trends from both seasons allows us to hold on to summer for a little while longer. Rich blues and sumptuous throws, along with additional seating, allow homeowners to be prepared for cozier nights and company you’re sure to have with the onset of holiday time.


The hunt for extra chairs, extra tables and extra places for friends and family means complementing current decor.. Choosing  darker blue end tables and side tables adds a rich pop of colour, keeping things cheery and gives you the perfect place to store extra items . Keeping accessories in lighter tones and fabrics, while throwing in a pop of autumnal hues doesn’t rush summer along, but introduces fall slowly, like breaking out your favorite snuggly sweater for the first time in months.

House of turquoise Pinterest

The blue dominating the  colour palette  for this season could  be described as colonial, especially when paired with crisp lines and strong prints. Rounded edges and curves keep things from feeling too formal, and an array of pillows in various warm hues keeps a cozy and inviting feel for homeowners and their guests. . Heavier curtains to block out the impending chill offset by bright, bare windows give an opportunity to embrace the rich color of the outdoors.


This season’s trends aren’t all about crisp blues and solids, though. The striped chair sets the tone for creating the perfect ‘den’ feel, while ornate rugs and table runners keep things less masculine and a little softer.  Heavier pieces, like intricate tables or a desk, stained dark, give you a place for the books you’ve been meaning to read or for the drinks shared with great company.

Pinstripe Home Bunch Pinterest

For a more minimalist but still rich feel, introducing fall into your home can be as simple as a couple of soft suede pillows in rich earth tones and a faux fur throw. Adding a chair with clean lines and a pop of color gives guests a place to sit, or a place to throw your increasingly heavier coat as the seasons go on. A couple of plants keeps the oxygen flowing and brings a little of the outdoors in, while gauzy curtains help filter as much light as possible into the room.

Transitioning from summer to fall months has never been easier by adding a few of these suggested details.

By Kayleigh DiLorenzo


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