Glam Goddess: All Eyes On Princess Maria-Olympia Of Greece

Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece is the latest royal to storm on the scene and steal a titch of royal beauty Kate Middleton’s thunder in regard to fashion and style aesthetic.

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The 20-year-old daughter to Marie-Chantal Miller and Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece, spoke of her love of fashion and the locales from which she gains her inspiration for her own ensemble choices.


 “I love what comes out of street style from Paris to Milan to NYC. I always like to dress as if I would bump into someone special.”

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Maria not only dons the hottest attire and blazes the trail for fashionistas to emulate, she also demonstrates her knowledge about the industry as a student of fashion design in New York City. While Kate Middleton tends to her little ones, Maria sits front row for Dior, Valentino and Giambattista Valli.



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Michael Kors has recognized the true and sensational style sense of the Grecian goddess and has made her a part of the digital campaign for the brand entitled The Walk. The campaign was shot in SoHo, Maria’s new home-base. The Princess shared about her love of the neighborhood within the shot.

“SoHo is my favorite spot in New York so shooting there was so fun. We shot around my neighborhood, filming me in places I love like my favorite bakery with me interacting, walking around. I love the styled look of all of M.K’.s shoots. It’s how I like to dress, even if I’m out with a pair of jeans, I’ll style it with great accessories.”

The stunner also has notable designers as family members in addition to royalty. Maria’s cousin is the granddaughter to Diane von Furstenberg. It’s no wonder the 20-year-old has been drawn to the world of fashion design with that name in her family.


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Clearly one to watch, Maria-Olympia of Greece is pushing the boundaries in both the world of royals and fashion.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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