A La Mode: Instagram Interior Design Inspiration Part IV

There is one room in a dwelling that can inspire homeowners and residents to race to use and spend hours within. The bathroom, perhaps the most personal of spaces, can become like an oasis within your home-base retreat with the right additions, and can easily add value to a home if designed with resale in mind.ย Be inspired to update that water closet to make it truly serene and a personal space to fit your own design style.by perusing La Vie Chic’s A La Mode picks for this week.


Opulent Oasis


Patterned And Playful

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Luxurious Retreat


It’s All In The Details


Hamptons- Style Hideaway


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Lavish and Serene


Tropical and Vibrant

Enhance your daily living by updating your master bath, creating added living space and giving a room that allows for a bit of escapism and rejuvenation. ย Keep it serene or add a pop of colour. Make it your own and truly enjoy.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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