Majestic Mihano Momosa: Chic Fashion Fit For Royalty

The Mihano Momosa brand has swept the globe and made its mark internationally due to the soft and feminine design aesthetic and pristine craftsmanship of  designer Mihailo Anusic. Anusic is a Serbian native who focuses on assisting women to express their individual style while also ensuring all feel like the goddesses and princesses they are.

Mihailo Anusic

( Photograph via social media)

The embroidery of the pieces and the pastel hues which make up the majority of the collections, help create the musings of  a modern day fairy tale. When discussing his own design aesthetic and direction,  Mihailo Anusic  acknowledges his intention is to help women live their fairy tale and shares how he accomplishes this. You Queen noted Anusic’s words on the subject:

“It’s actually much easier than people think. It’s a state of mind, a decision that we make in order to maintain our inner happiness. It has a lot to do with our relationship with ourselves, but it’s really just us who choose to live in a fairy tale. I create for any woman who sees herself as unique, she is self confident, brave, mature but she acknowledges her inner child and doesn’t give up on her childhood dream of being a princess.”

The Mihano Momosa line certainly appeals to all women and it is easy to don the designs with confidence as fit for royalty each piece is. The most recent collection is a clear testament to this very fact. The Fall/Winter 2016-2017 has arrived and remains light and feminine, with soft hues, gorgeous materials, complementary structures and stunning sihouettes to suit all women prepared to strut with confidence.

Mihano5Mihano6Mihano4Mihano2Mihano9Mihano MomosaMihano8

Let the world be your runway and may your fairy tale be made real in perfectly pretty designs by the talent behind the Mihano Momosa fashion house.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

(Photographs via Mihano Momosa Lookbook for Fall/Winter 2016-2017)


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