Wanderlust Wearables: Dress To Impress In These Choice Destinations

Travel is simply good for the soul. As the famous quote says, it truly is the only thing in life that makes you richer, regardless of the amounts spent on getting to your destination(s) or on those fashionable ensembles suited for the given experience.  The world is beautiful and diverse, as should be our wardrobes. When heading to a new city or tropical destination, it’s always a fun task to dress to impress in the style of the locale. For this reason, La Vie Chic has selected a few fantastic designer brands that showcase the chic style of their homeland. Let their designs be your muse for your getaway and adventure in the places within which their pieces are praised.

Muse of Miami

Indah Clothing is a brand that captures the very essence of Miami fashion with their lightweight fabrics and beautiful prints, sexy silhouettes and risque swimwear. Strut down Ocean Drive in their magnolia print maxi dress, get poolside chic in their devin trouser with leg-lengthening stripes, or step out for a night on the town in an Indah tang print halter jumpsuit. The pieces by Indah are locally made and are designed with only the most luxurious materials to make any woman feel at her best on vacation in the hot heat of Miami.


Playful in Porto

Lagoon Top Dive Bottoms


VESTIDO . Oceanic

Portugal has a wonderful culture and fashion aesthetic all its own that accentuates the gorgeous environment by way of  fabrics that are plentiful in the nation. A fall trip to the seaside town of Porto would require some of these fitting cultural ensembles to help travelers appreciate and show off the beauty of the unique style sense. Story Tailors is a design house that can help any local or visitor remain comfortable and fashion-forward in their tastefully-designed “Unbreakable” collection. Beautiful blues. reflecting the sea’s beauty, and stark whites reflecting the capped surf, are clear inspiration behind the collection that includes pieces which are stunning in structure and totally vacation-worthy.


Colourful in Cartagena


Colombian designers are emerging for all to recognize the talent and appealing fashions that are being put forth by them season after season. Designs that catch the eye and are a representation of traditional Colombian wear, yet include modern and hip accents to appeal to anyone wanting to make a statement while on their adventure in Cartagena, are offered by Adriana Santacruz. Her latest “Horus” collection dazzles and is the definition of Colombian-chic.

Dress to impress in a style that emulates the designs of the region you touch down in. Make a statement and take risks while letting this diverse and beautiful world be your own runway no matter what part you are setting off to explore.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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