Fantastic Fall Travel Destinations For 2016

The cooler months are fast-approaching after a summer of hot hot heat and gorgeous weather. Get planning for your fall getaway where you can bask in sunshine for at least a few days or weeks more before the frigid temperatures become the norm again. La Vie Chic has hand-selected the top travel destinations to make your transition a bit easier while offering a unique experience to suit any chic  traveler’s tastes.

Azores Islands, Portugal

(Image via Travel Azores)

The Azores Islands are a network of beautiful and untouched land masses scattered throughout the Atlantic and the nation of Portugal. A vacation to such a destination as this, would be for those looking to enjoy a mix of relaxation while taking in the beauty of the surroundings.  Nature enthusiasts who wish to explore the splendor of the islands, would be enthralled with all this destination has to offer.  Perhaps hiking, surfing, paragliding or whale-watching are of interest to those who enjoy a bit of fitness and staying active on vaycay. Take in the exciting running of the bulls on Terceira island, which happens daily until the end of September.  Visiting Azores, Portugal is recommended for the month of September, as the warm temperatures continue until the final portion of the month, yet become chilly for the remainder of fall. A trip to Azores will be one that is undoubtedly one to remember.

Venice-Venezia, Italy

(Photo by Jessica Ashley Dafoe)

The love of travel is always made stronger and more true when visiting a destination that is like no other. Venice, although a part of the beautiful nation of Italy, is entirely like stepping into a whole new world.Enjoy your time sauntering down the narrow pedestrian,cobblestone streets, have a cappuccino in San Marco square and be sure to take a gondola ride throughout the canals that wind amongst the city’s centre. A short ride on a water taxi will bring you to Lido Beach where you can soak up some sun and enjoy a day of Mediterranean-style relaxation. Enjoying authentic Italian cuisine is made simple as there are many fine-dining restaurants to serve up fresh seafood and pasta. A visit to Venice will be an experience like no other, and the fall months are the perfect time to jet set to this destination.

Southern Aegean Coast, Turkey

(Ephesus- Image via

A trip to this region would be the perfect mix of culture, history and relaxation. The Aegean is one of Turkey’s most visited and most developed areas, for good reason: The destination is home to some of Turkey’s most captivating treasures, from gorgeous white-sand beaches to the ancient ruins of Ephesus.The Roman city of Ephesus is the big draw for sightseers, and rightfully so. Bodrum and its surrounding beach towns attract sun-seekers from around the world and spoil them with sophisticated hotels, a buzzing nightlife scene, and remarkably unspoiled historic sites. Even İzmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, that is no stranger to concrete sprawl, will surprise travelers with a nice collection of museums, bustling bazaars, and lively seaside promenades.

Provence, France

(Photo by Andreas G. Karelias/Shutterstock)

A treasure that is one you should definitely discover, Provence offers beauty in blossom, beauty in architecture and beauty in landscape. The inspiration to many masterpieces by Vincent Van Gogh, you will be left without question as to why. Walk aimlessly along the cobblestone streets in Arles,  stop at a local cafe,  take a nap under a half-millennium-year-old olive tree, and return to socializing while feeling the rhythm of Provence in the now. A trip to Provence is one of simply appreciating the beauty, the richness of culture and becoming immersed in the lifestyle of the relaxing and historical locale.

Bukit Peninsula, Bali

(Photo by Stuart McDonald/TravelFish)

This peninsula that is a pure paradise is hot and arid in temperature all year long, meaning fall is as good a time as any to find yourself on its gorgeous shores. Bukhit (meaning “hill” in Bahasa Indonesia) is a popular destination for those flocking to beckoning beaches and shore-side retreats in the south. The western coast entices with its string-of-pearls beaches, while accommodations sit dotted on the cliffs that tower over the sands and have views of the crashing waters that are a surfer’s dream.

Take away the chill this fall with a trip to one or all of these chic and unparalleled destinations. Happy travels.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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