A La Mode:Instagram Interior Design Inspiration Part I

Weekends are meant for relaxation, rejuvenation, possibly the odd, or often, celebratory drink following a successful week, and the chance for entertaining in your personal sanctuary. It makes entertaining a whole lot more enjoyable when you are proud of your space and it has that aesthetic appeal and style that you desire.

Nate BErkus Pinterest
(Photo via @NateBerkus/Instagram)


Often times we move into a new space with high hopes in regards to keeping the space looking aesthetically pleasing and inviting, vowing to update throw pillows and accents to keep each room fresh. Yet life gets in the way, and our vision slowly becomes a messy and outdated, yet comfortable, living space.

Whether single and too busy to see the accent colours slowly approaching their expiration date,  or a couple who enjoy travel so much that keeping your home at its trendiest is not a priority, or perhaps you’re supervisor of a full household of youngsters, who struggles to keep spilled messes off the area rug, let alone thinking to purchase that antique Turkish tapestry you had your eye on last spring, there are countless reasons that keep us from freshening our space.

JillianHArris Instagram
(Photo via @JillianHarris/Instagram)

Perhaps a little inspiration is all that is needed, and what better place to visit than Instagram to find the heavenly oasis that best suits your taste. La Vie Chic has selected the top designs of the week, for your viewing pleasure, and to also give that jolt of inspiration for making your space the retreat that you so wish to call home.

Jillian Harris

As per the caption, this designer and TV personality is on maternity leave and ready to enjoy this luxe space that has elegance, modern elements and a charm that would make anyone’s maternity leave feel more like a holiday. OK, maybe not a holiday,  but it would surely be a space that anyone who is set to be at home much more, would have no problem with.


Mia Parres

Relaxation is unavoidable with a space that is this soothing, while also eye-catching due to pattern and colour palette. Bold stripes and contrasting patterns in cobalt blues against earthy tones in the wood, and the perfect stark white drapery, are the ingredients to make it feel like you’re on a Hampton’s getaway in your very own city home.


Fox Nahem

Get funky with Fox, or at least use his funky designs  to inspire you to push the decor boundaries in your entertaining space. Modern seating and a gorgeous handcrafted table set atop a beautiful area rug and hardwood flooring in a lighter hue, makes the space feel warm yet expansive. The pop art-covered walls, with one wall painted in a bold colour of your choosing,  and complemented by a stunning bronzed light fixture, all adds artistic elements that will have your guests in awe, and making conversation about the design for much of the evening.


Colin and Justin

Truly fit for a princess, or queen, this boudoir is what dreams are made of. The light cascading into this room through the skylights is capitalized on by the bright and light textures and hues of bedding and furniture. Yet the blues and brass features ground the design which is warmed up by the caramel-coloured flooring. Read more about this remarkable transformation via this fabulous design duo’s caption.

Don’t let your space get drab. Infuse it with new life by seeking inspiration in spaces like these. Be sure to check out La Vie Chic each Sunday for top Instagram design picks.

By Jessica Ashley Dafoe

(Photos via Instagram)

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