Veradero Nights: Paradisius Princesa de la Mar

A time ago, I was whisked away to the white sandy beaches of Veradero, Cuba, and truly was left breathless by the serene setting, lively culture and luxurious retreat that welcomed me. In addition to this tropical paradise being a chic, yet affordable getaway, there are a plethora of reasons that Cuba has made me a return visitor.


Although I have stayed at a number of resorts while visiting this gorgeous destination, my most recent experience involved a stay at a resort holding a 5-star stamp of approval. These elegant and lavish accommodations paired with the magical surroundings, left nothing to be desired. Every amenity necessary for a rejuvenating getaway that involved a number of exciting adventures, was available at the gorgeous  Paradisius Princesa de la Mar Resort and Spa, which recently won the award for being Cuba’s leading resort. For what reasons, you ask? Carry on reading to discover just this.


Food is a very important part of any trip that I decide to set off on, and although Cuban resorts have earned a bit of a bad reputation for their cuisine, should you so choose to pay a visit to this award-winning haven, it will succeed to completely wipe the slate clean while inspiring you to undoubtedly lick your plate clean.

The experience of dining at one or all of their eight restaurants that include options ranging from French to Japanese cuisine,  will certainly cause your palate to remain tantalized and intrigued over the course of your stay. I was certainly gleefully entertained while enjoying a meal that involved a personal chef creating a culinary masterpiece in front of my  very eyes just before I devoured it in as lady-like a manner as devouring can be done.


The food is delectable, and the service is superb, while the atmosphere is divine at all of the resort’s choice fine dining establishments.


The accommodations are so completely inviting and ornate that you’ll likely be tempted to spend quite a bit of time there, but don’t. There is too much to explore and enjoy beyond your hotel room walls. For this reason spending time writing about the interior of the hotel room will end right here. The pictures say it all.

Endless beaches await you that are tickled by the turquoise, tepid waters with the ability to  range from calm to crashing. Enjoy a game of beach volleyball, head out on the catamaran where you can snorkel among the tropical fish to your heart’s content, play in the waves like a youngster, or simply lounge with a drink in your hand, free from the sound of any screaming children-it is an adults only resort, after all.  If you require relocation from your beach lounger for a change of scenery, head on up to the series of pools, within which you can enjoy an aerobics class or another bevy by the swim- up bar.

Pool at Paradisius

Should you wish to keep fit by traditional means, including hitting the gym, there is a fully equipped facility for your iron-pumping pleasure. However, if you wish instead to spend these precious hours revitalizing, relaxing and rejuvenating, the spa, which offers an array of services, can help you achieve just that.

Exploring the surroundings beyond the boundaries of the resort is made seamless and convenient by resort staff who will speedily get you to any excursion you may decide on, whether  a party catamaran tour and swimming with dolphins, or a day trip into Havana, where you’ll discover the fascinating history, culture and architecture that infuses the vibrant city.

Paradisius spa

Evenings can be spent taking in lively performances involving a mixture of dance and musical showcases. Be prepared to become a part of the show, especially if you have got the right moves.


I was merely a teenager on my first trip to the beautiful country of Cuba, and have returned over the past number of years on several occasions, yet Paradisius Princesa de la Mar shines brightly as the resort responsible for my most memorable experience in this nation. The award for Cuba’s leading resort is well-deserved, and this luxurious retreat should be added to the top of your list for choice destinations when deciding on your next Caribbean adventure.

Happy travels, loves!

Jessica Ashley Dafoe

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