Escapism: Miami Reminiscing

It’s that time of year when the air has a chill in it and the wool socks are finding their way out of the back of your drawer a little more frequently. The frosty season is on its way meaning that those winter blahs are fast approaching. Escapism becomes the triggered defense against the eventual onset of the full on cold-weather blues. Now is as good a time as any to jet off -or to begin planning to jet off-to that warmer climate, if even only for a day or two.


A recent venture took me to the shores of the Atlantic and a little hot spot known as South Beach. Stepping out of the Miami Airport, I was immediately caressed by the warmth of the air and refreshed by the bright shining sun. The sight of the exotic-looking palm trees and the heat on my skin immediately had me in relaxation mode.

The vibrant colours matched against the white stucco buildings that sprawl across the metropolis of Miami offer a Caribbean appeal without having to cross the Pacific. The buzz of activity along with the luxurious options for accommodations laid out along South Beach results in a plethora of choice to match anyone’s style of intended getaway.

For a luxurious retreat within a masterfully decorated and maintained resort, W Hotel is an absolute must. Each hallway and outdoor space at this lavish hotel is like a work of art while its property sits directly at the edge of the Pacific, allowing for direct access to South Beach and all of the offered activities.


Just down Collins Avenue a short distance is Shore Club Resort- The perfect destination for a girls’ getaway or to enjoy the true Miami party scene, along with a wonderful dining experience at the infamous Nobu Restaurant. As soon as guests step foot into the expansive lobby, decorated in all white, an aroma of sweet perfumes and warm smiles will make all feel entirely at home, and worry-free.


A happy unified destination for accommodation during a Miami venture during which guests are expecting luxurious relaxation along with the option of fun and lively entertainment is SLS. Located in the heart of South Beach, guests can find the best shopping nearby and enjoy a fun-filled and delectable experience right within the grounds of the resort at Hyde Night Club along with Katsura Restaurant- one of North America’s top picks for world class sushi.

South Beach, Miami is a fantastic destination for a romantic getaway or a trip with friends who are looking to soak up the sun, delve into delicious cuisine and dance the night away.



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