Hotel Hugo: Sophisticated Luxury on the Banks of the Hudson

The ever-expanding list of places to go and things to experience while paying a visit to the Big Apple, lends itself to needing a luxurious and comfortable place to relax and to lay your head when the day of discovery is through.

Finding a classy, comfortable and quality place to accommodate you on your travels while ensuring to remain in one of the trendiest locales New York City has to offer, has never been easier. Hotel Hugo, proclaimed by the proprietors themselves as a “stylish and sophisticated” newcomer to the Soho scene, offers everything a jet-setter, or New York enthusiast could want in a short-term or lengthier-term stay.


You can expect to be greeted with a smile by the welcoming and professional staff of Hotel Hugo after making your way through a luxuriously decorated entry way, accented with soothing tones, modern artwork and industrial design.  The hotel, which was designed by notable architect Marcello Pozzi, gained inspiration for its posh and stately look due to the “arts-meets-industrial” neighbourhood within which it is situated.  Hudson Square is a chic neighbourhood nestled between the hip streets of Soho and the Hudson River- an area where tradition and trend meld together.



To complement your stay at this posh and luxurious retreat, which welcomes individuals from all walks of life, there are options to please a palate desiring both classic North American tastes as well as the tastes of Italian cuisine, without having to cross the expansive “pond.” II Principe is situated within the portion of Hotel Hugo which faces Greenwich Street and offers up delicious and memorable dishes, including a fusion of traditional Italian flavors, while enabling patrons to view the bustle of the district.  Enjoy a perfect dining experience indoors or outdoors as your preference inspires you. Regardless of your decision you can expect a setting of pleasant ambiance and excellent service.

Hotel Hugo6

As the day comes to a close, retreat to your comfortable and loft-inspired room that has the cozy and traditional elements of being in your own home while exuding a state of luxe relaxation.  Hotel Hugo has a total of 122 guest rooms and suites available which are all decorated with custom wood furnishings that give a warm feel to the spaces and also has a bit of a retro flare that tastefully punctuates the rooms.  Exuberant colors paired with Italian tile work are inviting and will make you feel as though in a pampered getaway.  Wash off the excitement of the day under a rain shower in the tastefully designed ensuite and get comfortable in a complimentary terry robe after making use of bath amenities provided by Argan Source.


If heading out on the town in the evening is not on the to-do list, yet enjoying a night cap or two within the hotel is something of more interest to you and your party, find your way to Bar Hugo- a stellar rooftop bar with a pristine view of the Hudson River and New York City skyline.  A wonderful Caribbean vibe and delicious cocktails along with soothing melodies will make you feel as if you are on an additional getaway while on getaway.  Plush sofas and excellent service will cause you to be happy that you decided to chance a night in while in the vibrant city of New York.

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